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Fox News just announced that in Arkansas Blanche Lincoln is gone, history, kaput, out of it, voted out of office.  Republican John Boozman is the winner.

Another winner is Robert Hurt of Virginia who took Tom Perriello to the cleaners.

Both Lincoln and Perriello voted with Obama and ignored the will of the people.

Joe Manchin just defeated John Raese in West Virginia.  I am sure the anointed one is pleased to hear this little tidbit.  Well maybe not because Manchin’s term is up in two years and according to the Republican Party, when Manchin gets to D.C., he’ll be voting with Republicans.  We shall see.

However, karma has caught up with Alan Grayson of Florida who was defeated tonight.  Dan Webster is the projected winner.

In Indiana, Todd Young has kicked Baron Hill OUT OF THE PARK.

Tom Coburn has kept his seat in Oklahoma.

Source:  Fox News