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Nathan Martin spoke up at the MTV town-hall forum to ask President Obama why he has intervened to stop Arizona from enforcing immigration law but has yet to intervene to stop California from flouting federal law on marijuana. Martin is actually a member of the Salem family; he works as an associate producer on Bill Bennett’s nationally-syndicated Morning in America radio show. Nathan probably walked away rather disappointed, because he didn’t actually get an answer to his question. Instead, Obama delivered a talking-points defense of Amnesty Lite:

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Obama’s response is the anointed’s customary bogus idiom, which in the end is no answer at all.  So how do you reconcile:

(a)  Proposition 19;

(b) the death of American, David Hartley and so many others along the Mexican-U.S. border;

(c) the lack of security and policing of the Mexican-U.S. border; and

(d) yes as asked by Nathan Martin the double standard and hypocrisy of federal intervention between Arizona on immigration policies and California on drug policies, Barack.

We are still waiting for a laudable response.

In the meantime, an audience of actors with pre-planted questions and one or two allegedly “tough” questions appeases no one.