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As I responded to a commenter yesterday who is all for Marxism, my ancestors did not kick off one set of shackles for me to don another.

The only difference this time around will be that every American, man, woman, child, Christian, Baptist, Mormon, Jewish, Atheist, Asian, Korean, Caucasian, Libertarian, Progressive, Conservative, Republican, etc. will find themselves smothered, shackled, oppressed and without a voice under a Marxist agenda if we do nothing.

So don’t just sit there, do something.

Stop the madness now! The time to take our country back is now!

In November, you can start by voting out the elitist Marxist scum who are governing, legislating and regulating us into serfdom.  Throw the shackles back in their faces and say to them, “STOP NUDGING ME. OH, AND BY THE WAY, YOU’RE FIRED!”

H/t to my friend Bob over at Boudica BPI Weblog.  This video speaks volumes.