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Rep. Charles Rangel (left) faces a House trial on 13 ethics charges. Adam Clayton Powell (right) took thousands in campaign cash from an ex-con strip-club king.

Rep. Charles Rangel (left) faces a House trial on 13 ethics charges. Adam Clayton Powell (right) took thousands in campaign cash from an ex-con strip-club king. Photo courtesy of Sabo/News, Hermann for News.

Why is that so difficult? Just say no.  While Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. and Charles Rangel are considered Harlem’s two top contenders for Congress, they are not Harlem’s only options.  I, therefore, challenge Harlemites to step out of the box and to free themselves from the corrupt thugocracy that controls a community entrenched in a plantation mentality, many of whom accept without challenge an existence dependent upon government entitlements.


“Many Harlem voters say their two top contenders for Congress – incumbent Charles Rangel and Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV – leave them with a choice between bad and worse.

‘Everybody wishes there were better options,’ said Pax Williams, a 33-year-old party promoter who plans to vote for Rangel because ‘you don’t want to get anyone worse.’

Rangel faces a House trial on 13 ethics charges, including tax evasion, and, as the Daily News reported Thursday, Powell took thousands in campaign cash – which he is returning – from an ex-con strip-club king.

‘You don’t know what else is coming out of the bag with either of them,’ said 73-year-old Leo Mobley of central Harlem.

The remaining three Democratic candidates, gadfly Jonathan Tasini, former Wall Streeter Vince Morgan and community activist Joyce Johnson, have little money or political support.

‘This is the problem in Harlem. They haven’t developed a generation of young leadership,’ said one high-profile Rangel supporter.

The 20-term congressman’s strong local political alliances and power, particularly in fund-raising, has made it difficult for competitors to rise up.

Campaign filings due yesterday show Rangel has raised more than $2.6 million in the past 20 months, including $403,450 since July. Even though most of the money has been diverted to pay legal fees, he still holds an advantage over Powell, who says he’s raised about $100,000 for the Sept. 14 primary.

The wish for better leaders isn’t limited to the 15th Congressional District, which sprawls beyond Harlem to the upper West Side to Inwood.

‘It’s a slippery slope to say there should be better leaders. Where is the place that has good leaders? There’s no such place if you are talking about the U.S. Congress,’ said David Bositis, author of ‘Voting Rights and Minority Representation.’

Morgan is baffled that more voters aren’t outraged by his opponents’ much-publicized behavior. ‘I don’t understand how voters could give so little attention to what [character] politicians are suppose to embody,’ he said.”

Harlemites, for the sake of your community, family and children vote Rangel out and do not touch Powell with a 100 ft. pole.

Many of the residents in Harlem are living proof the deep indoctrination of the Black community.  It never occurs to many that there are options outside of the Democratic Party.

The comments below were appended to the above article.  They reveal the extent of indoctrination surrounding plantation politics, i.e., the race card, playing the victim and the blame game in the Black community.


Slugger@9:33:58am writes:

“I agree that the choices aren’t the greatest, but living in Harlem I don’t need advice from white folk on who to support. I would suggest to you that you consider all the years and all the elections where the choice was between two white undesireables for office. I would stick to your own lousy choices for offices, you’ve never had a lack of them.”



crs@10:29:03 am writes:

“My advice is to stay home on election day. Get some pride and self-respect my fellow black folks. There is nothing for us a the polls. This is not our fight, take a clue from the natives, they govern themselves. Let white liberals and conservatives have their government back.”


THE BLAME GAME WITH A SPLASH OF DENIAL (It’s not Charlie’s fault, they are picking on him.)

Baldwin@12:24:49pm writes:

“Rangel is getting railroaded by the Republicans in Congress. They wouldn’t agree to reprimanding him for his misfilings because they wanted a big public trial during the election season. Rangel is far and away the best candidate in this field. He gets more done in a year for average people than any of his opponents get done in a lifetime. So, despite the relentless negative press from all the papers that can’t stand a progressive in power in Congress, Charlie should win this year. He’s got my vote.”

Out of approximately 18 comments, only one commenter realizes that Harlemites actually have a choice and that Democrats are not the only option.


“The most impressive candidate running to unseat Mr. Rangel is Michel Faulkner. For more information about Michel and his campaign, please visit www.Faulknerforcongress.com .”