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H/t Breitbart tv.  Clearly another diversionary tactic by the obtuse, indoctrinated, fanatical adolescent left-wing buffoons who have no valid arguments to justify the failure of their socialist leader and party.  Teachable moment, just like the Coffee Party,  they too shall fail.

Nothing like the tolerant left who clearly from this video bares the markings of a progressive education as their latest antic is not surprising at all but exactly what one would expect of useful idiots.  Let’s be honest here, Obamafail is the real reason behind the F U t-shirts.

The reality of what is to come has driven many on the left overboard.  Amazing how these jesters are wasting their time on F U t-shirts when they would be better off preparing themselves to be royally f(*&^’d  Election Day 2010 when we flip the house on them voting their progressive leaders out of office.

Being that this Election Day the left is going to get f(*&^’d to the max and knowing their love for vulgar and offensive t-shirts, I suggest that on November 3, 2010, they have the following t-shirts ready to wear: “WE GOT F(*&^’D BUT GOOD NOVEMBER 2, 2010, FLIPPED, KICKED AND F(*&^’D AGAIN!”

Now that is a t-shirt.

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