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Are you kidding me?  Rather than attack Fox News, why aren’t we going after the other news stations and politicians force-feeding Americans plantation politics and misconceptions? Let’s get real here.

The video of the Black Panther shouting/spitting about “killing white babies” and “hatred of white people” (video) speaks for itself. No amount of editing that could interpret that video otherwise. Therefore, both parties in the abovementioned video are guilty of misconstruing the facts.

Not to mention the video of the same individual with a billy club threatening a journalist. Black or white, the truth is the truth, we all saw it. Let’s stop pretending and lying about it starting with Eric Holder, DOJ.

As for Fox News, they are doing what the rest of the media should be doing.  I will go as far as to say that if there was not a Black president in the White House, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN all of whom are ten times as guilty as Fox will ever by of racism would be all over this.

These media outlets are silent and giving this angry black man a pass because they are propaganda tools for the White House.  Justice or lack thereof has nothing to do with it.  It’s about a vile, disgusting agenda.

As a Black American and former Democrat having grown up in the heart of the Black community, there was a time when I was young, indoctrinated and just did not know any better.

I wasted some of my youth being angry but was never anywhere near as angry as others are.  Then one day, I made a choice to stop blaming others and to move on.  It takes a lot of nerve to step out of that box.  Some people lack the nerve to do so while it never occurs to others.

As for Samir, it takes a hell of a lot of energy to be this damn enraged.

As for Fox News, they are just showing White America some parts of the world they often do not get to see.  Wonder how much Samir will love Obama when he realizes that messiah has no intentions of delivering him or his fellow Black Panthers anywhere?

As for the men in both of these videos, what a divisive group of sobs.  This is the change that Barack Obama has brought to America.