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It is unfathomable that a sitting U.S. President would fail to do his duty.  In that Barack Obama is negligent and his actions against the state of Arizona is treasonous.  Barack Obama has betrayed the office of commander in chief along with the American people and for that he is undeserving of the presidency.


CHESAPEAKE, Va., July 7 /Christian Newswire/ — Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr., President of STAND (Staying True to America’s National Destiny), issued the following statement today in response to the Justice Department’s lawsuit against the Arizona immigration law:

‘This is one more example of an administration that is so ideologically driven that its policies are bizarre. Obama and Attorney General Holder have decided to actually sue the people of Arizona even though over 70% of the citizens support Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law. Most legal experts expect the law to pass Constitutional muster, but Obama and Holder charge ahead anyway. I predict that they will lose the case because the state law does not violate the pre-emption principle. Arizona’s law is less restrictive than federal law, and the local and state police there will merely transfer illegals to federal authorities.’

The Justice Department has filed suit to overturn Arizona’s immigration law, and has asked a federal court to grant an injunction to stop enforcement of the measure. The law, signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer in April, takes effect later this month.

Jackson says the administration is violating its responsibility to the citizens of the country. ‘They refuse to protect voters who were intimidated in the exercise of their right to vote by the New Black Panther Party. They refuse to protect the citizens of Arizona from being victimized by criminals crossing our borders illegally, but instead sue the citizens for taking lawful action to protect themselves. It seems the Obama administration is an advocate for everything except the rights of the American people.’

Bishop Jackson, through STAND, is organizing ministers and others to speak out on both cases, and is writing an open letter to Christians to urge them to vote against Obama supporters in Congress in the November elections. Says the Bishop, ‘It should be clear to every American that President Obama’s values are way outside the mainstream of American thought. He continually pursues domestic policies and actions which satisfy the far left while insulting and angering the American people. He will pay for it at the polls in November.”