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What more proof do you need that power corrupts?  Fair play is non-existent with tyrant, Barack Obama at the reins.

This is about power.  For those who believe that this is just about left v right, wake up, it goes far deeper.  If one does not fit into the progressive mold, regardless of whether one is Republican or Democrat the Obama regime has no need for you.  Cedra Crenshaw is a politician who apparently does not dance to the beat of the Progressive drum, therefore, they have declared war on Crenshaw, for starters by throwing her off the ballot.

Wake up America and see the forest for the trees.  Stop making excuses and justifying the actions of a socialist, tyrannical regime of thugs.  If they walk like thugs, talk like thugs, act like thugs, then guess what? THEY ARE THUGS.


“As we feared, the Chicago Democrat Machine reached into neighboring Will County and lined up a couple Democrat officials to throw Cedra Crenshaw, GOP candidate for the 43rd State Senate District, off the ballot. The Machine candidate in the district, A.J. Wilhelmi, is a legacy politician who was specially appointed to the Senate seat and has never faced voters for his office. The Democrat Machine would prefer a coronation, rather than a competition. The Election Board’s decision is below:”