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more about “ANOTHER LEFT WING ASSAULT PASSED OVER…“, posted with vodpod

Listen to the fool in the tape blame George Bush.  Sounds like the fool is actually blaming George Bush for his assaulting this family too.

Watch the blame game in action America, a very integral part/role of plantation politics.  Witness it first hand.

This jackass is so deeply embedded in the box that he’ll never find his way out. It is clear in this video that this Spencer dude assaulted the Tabor family for not sharing his viewpoint and tainted realities.

May I recommend the Tabor family sue Spencer the puppet slave. This man is a threat and the Tabor family are in possession of the video to prove it.  Clean the s*&^% for brains out.

And yet again, you won’t find anyone else reporting on this assault other than Fox News.

Why does the media continuously fail to report that everyday Americans are constantly living under threat of violence by the hateful, angry, fascist left?  Why is Fox News the only media outlet reporting these assaults and why is our law enforcement afraid to do their jobs?