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Of course, the media would only show us one side of Saturday’s rally in the streets of Phoenix by illegal immigrants.  They went so far as to make it appear as if it was one huge love fest.

Of course, that is not to be the case as reported by AMERICAN POWER.  In fact, this rally was the exact opposite of what the media portrayed it and everything that the media accuses the tea party of being, i.e., racist, hateful, anti-American…..well, you get my drift and yet the world does not know the truth.


“This is why I covered it. Reading the morning newspapers on yesterday’s illegal immigrant march in Phoenix, you’d think it was just a nice outing for families to stand up against Arizona’s SB 1070. But this was no weekend picnic. The event was more about revolution and reconquista than about “immigration reform….”

Full artice w/more photos.

And so I ask, who is racist and who is un-American here?  The media has it all twisted.

Have you ever noticed that everyone speaks Spanish at these rallies.  If you are unfortunate enough to come upon one of these so-called gatherings and ask someone to translate for you, they won’t.  They never do.

Emboldened, they have no problem letting the cat out of the bag and now we know why.

This rally was as ugly as it gets.  America we must take a stand.  These people are out to destroy us and our country.  They mean us no good.

AMERICAN POWER did a real knock down job and we commend him or her.

Check it out, pass it on.  The media will never tell the truth, it is up to us.

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