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Optical illusions + tainted realities + smoke and glass mirrors = Obamafail.

No doubt, the jobs mentioned below or lack thereof are an element of Obama’s misleading notion that the stimulus plan has produced 2 million jobs.


“From the Maine Sunday Telegram:

‘When heating oil spiked in 2008, roughly 500 Mainers took a state housing authority course to become weatherization technicians. Another 200 became certified energy auditors.

Then two unexpected things happened: Oil prices collapsed and the country plunged into a deep recession.

The result was that fewer people had the incentive or money to insulate their homes. Today, the majority of those trainees are doing other jobs or are out of work.

‘It should be a cautionary tale,’ said Curry Caputo, president of the Maine Association of Building Efficiency Professionals.

Maine won’t need hundreds of new insulation techs or auditors in the near future, Caputo said, despite the sense that a flood of federal stimulus money and the state’s goal of weatherizing all homes will create a wave of new, green jobs.

‘The estimates are inflated,’ he said. ‘There’s no doubt about that.”