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As reported by Founding Bloggers and Big Government, but definitely not by the media, propaganda tools of the Obama administration, leftist thugs tried to hamper the success of Tea Party Express III by throwing eggs, issuing threats, bad mouthing attendees, all of which has been caught on tape.

Check out 2:10 (above) to see who threw the egg.  And this jackass is just getting warmed up (below).

Democrats always think that the way to win an argument is to shout over someone and get in your face.  Remember our egg thrower in the first video (2:10)?  The black guy is clearly the aggressor here along, border lining assault as his fellow union card carrying loons egg him on.  So flipping well behaved they are.  Why has the media failed to report on these very visible assaults?  We know they were present last Saturday in Searchlight at the rally.

Listen to the loon in the following video make a threat and nastily bark on.

There is definitely no color line when it comes to plantation politics.  By the way, isn’t it the right who is supposed to be the angry, ugly Americans?  Talk about being vindicated.

Express Searchlight, Nevada:  Harry Reid Thugs Exposed

Big Government

“When thousands of peaceful, Tea Party protestors came to Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nev. last Saturday, you would have thought that the favorite son of this hardscrabble, mining town would garner tons of local support.  Not so.  Members of IBEW Local 357 were called to action to agitate the crowd and, as we’ve previously shown, to hurl eggs at the busses carrying them.

Around 0:18 into the video released last night showing the exploding shell and yolk that came inches from Andrew Breitbart’s face, a loud protestor taunts Breitbart, smiling and mocking his condemnation of the egg-throwing.  ‘Glad you approve!’ he sneers, ‘Thanks, man!”


UPDATE:  Founding Bloggers reveals that the man (Jesse Walker) in the following video may very well be the loud mouthed aggressor at the other end of the egg that was thrown at Tea Party Express bus in Searchlight, Nevada last weekend.

Plantation politics is ugly no matter how you look at it.

Finally, it is so not cool to behave like rabid dogs.



H/t to both Founding Bloggers and Big Government

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