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Obama promised transparency ALL AROUND.  Instead of being forthcoming and rectifying the problem, the Obama administration makes lame excuses while blaming everyone else and so it goes with offshore drilling.


“At a hearing yesterday in front of the House Natural Resources Committee, the director of the Minerals Management Service doubled down on the administration’s bogus transparency pledge on offshore drilling and even denied the validity of releasing information subject to public disclosure. Click here to watch it.

Since last year, the Department of Interior (which houses MMS) has been keeping from the public vital information about the breakdown of comments submitted on the next offshore leasing plan. Emails obtained by American Solutions under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) show that Interior has known for months that Americans support offshore drilling by a 2-to-1 margin.

To date, the administration has said nothing about that breakdown.

The cover up of public comments has been part of a broader pattern of delay within Interior and the Obama administration in terms of expanding affordable and reliable American energy, ranging from canceling oil and gas leases to blocking wind power in Massachusetts….”


Since this administration’s mantra is to take advantage of, defraud, mislead, hide the facts, assail, belittle, stifle, and reject any voice of opposition, why would Americans trust them?  Everything that concerns this administration is embedded in tainted realities and a nefarious agenda, one that is most unwelcome by the citizenry.  The rationale for the Obama administration’s unrelenting lack of public disclosure is based on the veracity that what they are proposing, the American people are not buying.