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Obama-Mao strikes again.  Not only is Obama going to destroy bring the country to its knees by eliminating monthly mortgage payments for the unemployed, but lazy, freeloading Americans will now have no incentive to do better for self.  Hence, they will feel vindicated for their sloth.

As for the Washington Post headline, like marionettes the fools complied.  Chicken s****s.


“UPDATE: Apparently ordering the banks, car companies, health insurance companies, doctors, hospitals, medical device manufacturers, energy companies and states around is not enough for the Obama Administration, as they apparently also ordered the Washington Post to completely rewrite the headline of the article cited above, and WaPo, sadly, agreed. First, here’s the accurate headline chosen by the nominally “independent and objective” newspaper Washington Post:

Obama administration to order lenders to cut mortgage payments for jobless’

That is an accurate headline as it actually describes the new initiative planned by Obama. Now, this morning, after some scolding by the Obama Administration, the Washington Post editors trashed the old headline, and replaced it with an Axelrod-drafted left wing talking point:

Obama readies steps to fight foreclosures, particularly for unemployed’

The actual policy planned by Obama, of course, hasn’t changed. However, now millions of Americans will see that new headline, a pure dollop of spin directly from the Obama Administration, instead of the accurate former headline.”

The president of the United States is now sending the message to America’s youth that there is no reason for them to get an education because the government will take care of them.  They will be illiterate, slaves to the government, indoctrinated and clueless.