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Photo courtesy http://grandpajohn.blogspot.com/. H/t NEW SENTINEL @ SGP

Photo courtesy http://grandpajohn.blogspot.com/ . H/t NEW SENTINEL @ SGP

Their goal is to advance the progressive agenda.  Marxists!!!!

The Coffee Party USA site under Donations leads you to Democracy in Action who takes in all the donations for this leftist radical organization.  On Democracy in Action’s about page, at the bottom (last paragraph) is proof that they are Astroturf, a front for George Soros.

Democracyinaction.org: About us


DemocracyInAction is funded by a mixture of service fees from the organizations using our tools, private grants, and individual donations. You can become a DemocracyInAction donor here.

Many thanks to our foundation grantors, the Surdna Foundation and the Open Society Institute, for their support.”

Soros funded Obama.  Soros owns Obama.  Soros is funding this organization, Soros owns the organization.