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Are you watching America?  Take note.  Considering the direction that we are going what are the odds of this happening on American shore?

With increased government spending, government taxing the citizenry to high hell, political leaders who ignore the voices of the people as they continue to push through an agenda viewed unfavorable by the nation’s majority, how long will it be before the bow finally breaks?  How long?


“THENS: Clashes between riot police and rock-throwing youths have broken out in Athens after tens of thousands of striking workers protested against austerity measures that the Greek government says it has no choice but to implement.

The clashes came yesterday as the debt-ridden country faces pressure from markets and the European Union to reduce its deficit from 12.7 per cent of economic output last year to 8.7 per cent this year. Last week, Greece introduced a harsh $US6.5 billion ($7.09bn) austerity package that cut civil servants’ wages, froze pensions and raised consumer taxes.

The new cutbacks, added to a previous $US15.24bn austerity plan, sparked a wave of strikes and protests from unions whose reaction to the initial measures had been muted. Thursday’s 24-hour general strike, the second in about a week, grounded flights, halted public transport, suspended news broadcasts and left public hospitals working with emergency staff.

Demonstrators took to the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki, banging drums and chanting slogans such as “no sacrifice for plutocracy”, and “real jobs, higher pay”. They were joined by uniformed police, coastguard and fire service officers.

“The fight must be constant until the stability pact – these unpopular measures passed by the government – is overturned,” said demonstrator Olga Raptou.

An unofficial police estimate put the Athens crowd at about 20,000; organisers said the number was much higher.”