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Remember this last summer.

Fast-forward seven months.

H/t the right scoop.  Not quite the argument others would like to make it out to be.  This is nothing more than a healthy exchange between Makin and Beck whose views on Eric Massa differ somewhat and the fact that Beck is giving Massa a full hour on his show today (3/03/10).

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Both Beck and Malkin make valid points have the right to be heard as well as their viewpoints respected.  However, no matter how strongly one feels about his or her sides (Beck), please, please, please refrain from using the words “you people.”  Beck later on apologized to Michele Malkin and Malkin being the consummate professional that she is did not take the discussion where it very well may have gone if it were someone else.

Moving on, it is refreshing to hear two Americans engage in a lively discussion without the vitriol, threats, name-calling, hatred, abuse and other antics so often applied during a discussion with those on the left.

Moreover, we must not become distracted and make this about Eric Massa.  We have to remain focused, on point and remember that this is about an unwelcome socialist agenda.  This discussion is about a flawed healthcare legislation and the antics of those on the left who plans to shove this legislation down our throats against the will of the people.

If Eric Massa opens the can of worms thereby shedding light on this constitutional violation, fine.  We listen, take the knowledge gained from Massa and use our findings for the benefit of a nation while not forgetting who Eric Massa’s overall platform and agenda.

Remember to tread carefully and what our parents taught us about that grain of salt.