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Of course not, but if it were the Republican Party who was up to its neck in mud, Obama’s propaganda machine would be wearing the right a new one.  Therefore, in the essence of one good deed deserving another, I share the following article with you.  It is a worthy read.

Please do feel so free to pass it on, courtesy of CANADA FREE PRESS by Daniel Greenfield


“Predictably enough the conviction of former Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford to 15 years in Federal prison, as part of a takedown that included the former state Democratic Party chairman and the former executive director of the state Democratic Party is getting little play in the press because the Culture of Corruption isn’t too newsworthy when it involves Democrats.

Just as slimy Congressman Eric Massa’s ethics violations and sexual harassment scandal is being swept under the carpet.

But the media has naturally found the time to blame Republicans or the Tea Party movement for the Pentagon shootings, when in fact the shooter was a 9/11 Truther and a registered Democrat.

The very fact that his target was the Pentagon demonstrated that John Patrick Bedell was obsessed with the American Empire fantasies of the far left and the far right. Which makes it completely unsurprising that he supported nutjob Alaska Dem Mike Gravel, who spoke at a Holocaust denial conference, and was a Mises fan, a Facebook group with possible ties to the Rockwell Mises Institute, which has been the hidden engine behind the Ron Paul campaign.

His rant was the classic sort of thing that you hear from the LaRouche or Paul people. And it demonstrates the danger of letting them infiltrate the Republican party, as the Paul campaign has tried to do with Debra Medina,  and Rand Paul. Adam Holland has a selection of the craziness from Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty website and much of it is indistinguishable from the rantings of John Patrick Bedell.

Bedell’s portrait is that of a fairly typical fringe follower of these movements. From pot legalization to 9/11 conspiracies to the usual hidden conspiracies running everything. His views were on the fringe of both the right and the left. But the media won’t tell the truth about it, because he’s just too useful to them as a tool for smearing the political opposition.

Meanwhile, the media is equally unwilling to closely follow the Dubai investigation because it has degenerated into a complete farce. First, Australian investigators in Israel were themselves involved in a hit and run.

But then the Dubai police force, much as I predicted, has delivered the kind of insanity anyone should expect from a middle eastern police force, blaming Egypt, Jordan, Iran and Israel in some sort of vast conspiracy, while claiming that he has Mossad DNA on file.

Dan Friedman notes that another assassination occurred in Dubai without drawing international condemnation.

Sulim B. Yamadayev was a former general in Chechnya and foe of the republic’s Kremlin-backed president. He was killed in the Persian Gulf emirate of Dubai on March 30, 2009, in what appeared to be an assassination, the police said. He was 36.

The killer fired three bullets from a gold-plated gun at the victim’s chest as Sulim Yamadayev climbed from his car in the private car park beneath his luxury residence in Dubai.

Ruslan Yamadayev, one of Sulim’s brothers, was shot dead in his car in September as he waited in a traffic jam in Moscow just outside the White House, the government building where the offices of Mr. Putin are situated.

… but of course when Russia assassinates its enemies, even when done with radioactive materials on British soil, the matter quickly dies away…..”