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Taking a page from the work of J. Edgar Hoover, Bill Clinton, his former administration, Barack Obama and the Obama administration are conspiring to discredit and tear down the Tea Party.

A year ago, we were declared a tiny fringe group and not worth the time.  Democrats and the media stated that before long we would lose interest and go home.  When we did not go away, they declared us a nuisance and tried to pretend that we did not exist.  They dismissed, attacked, harassed, threatened and attempted to repress our freedom of speech.  Democrats and their propaganda tools aka the media even accused us of being racists, called us Nazis and un-American.

Still we stand exercising our Constitutional rights all around as we hold our politicians accountable.  For progressives this is a problem.  We are still here and we are making a difference.  They are finally realizing that patriots are more than just a thorn in their side.  We are a force to be reckoned with.

What they don’t get is that this is not about the Democratic Party.  This is about any politician, left or right who does not represent the will of the people and yes this is about the progressive movement.  We are not buying what they are selling.

Big Government.com reports that shortly before his surgery last week Clinton was involved in a conference call with former Clintonistas and senior Democrat political operatives.   They discussed a plot to dig up dirt on Tea Party leaders for the purpose of infiltration, bribes and smears intended to discredit and bring down the Tea Party.


“… Democrats are facing political annihilation this November. Not only do Democrats face the possibility of losing their congressional majorities, massive losses in state house races could jeopardize redistricting next year and set back the progressive agenda for at least a decade.

So, the Clinton Empire is planning to strike back.

Big Government has learned that Clintonistas are plotting a ‘push/pull’ strategy. They plan to identify 7-8 national figures active in the tea party movement and engage in deep opposition research on them. If possible, they will identify one or two they can perhaps ‘turn’, either with money or threats, to create a mole in the movement. The others will be subjected to a full-on smear campaign. (Has MSNBC already been notified?)

Big Government has also learned that James Carville will head up the effort.

Obviously, there is no love lost between Obama and the Clinton machine. It may at first seem odd that Clinton would rush to Obama’s defense, but the tea party movement poses a threat far beyond the immediate goals of the Obama Administration.

The tea party movement could evolve into a new political realignment, one founded on a belief in limited government and less government interference in the economy. The Progressive agenda, which has been painstakingly built up over the last three decades, could be left in tatters.

As the Clinton’s know, ‘politics ain’t beanbag.’ Expect the counterattack soon. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.”

As it turns out, patriots are a bigger threat than the left is willing to acknowledge.  I suspect that if we are hearing about this now that the take down campaign is already well under way as can be attested to by (i) this week’s New York Times smear campaign on the Tea Party wherein the NYT portrayed it as a cult and radical extremist group; and (ii) the hearsay about discord in the Tea Party.

Barack Obama is a progressive and so is Bill Clinton.  We are in the way of their agenda.  Recognizing that fact, they have decided to declare an all out war on patriots.

Glenn Beck constantly informs anyone who would listen about the perils of the progressive movement.  Beck even foretold this declaration of war on January 20, 2010, the day after Scott Brown won the election.  He warned us of the desperate actions of progressives.  Of course, the left and the fringe media ridiculed him and denied anything of the sort.

“The end justifies the means.” So I ask you, who’s the loon now?

America is waking up and the progressive agenda is in jeopardy.  Brace yourself because it is going to get ugly.