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Just because a politician votes against the passage of a specific legislation does not mean that upon its passage said politician who voted in opposition should is not entitled to funding from the opposed legislation for the states or locale he or she represents.  In fact, it is his/her duty to acquire the funding for their constituents.

In spite of the spin, no laws have been broken by Republicans who went after stimulus funding.  In addition, the Democratic Party’s attempt to make it seem as if those politicians violated a law or did something untoward while not surprising is an insult to Americans.

As usual, Obama is behaving like a vengeful spoiled brat.  The hubris of Democrats using this tactic confirms that from the president down, Democrats are very much out of touch, do not get it and view the citizenry as a nation of dim wits.


“WASHINGTON—Democrats, stung by criticism of their $787 billion economic-stimulus plan, are targeting Republicans who have attacked the program and then lobbied to get money for their districts.

More than a dozen Republican lawmakers supported stimulus-funding requests submitted to the Department of Labor, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Forest Service, in letters obtained by The Wall Street Journal through the Freedom of Information Act.

The stimulus package passed last February with no Republican votes in the House of Representatives. In the Senate, just three Republicans supported it: Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, who later switched to the Democratic Party.

Lawmakers routinely send letters in support of federal funding for projects in their constituencies; some Republican lawmakers have deliberately avoided sending requests for stimulus dollars because of their opposition to the bill.

Rep. Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican who called the stimulus a ‘wasteful spending spree’ that ‘misses the mark on all counts,’ wrote to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis in October in support of a grant application from a group in his district which, he said, ‘intends to place 1,000 workers in green jobs.’ A spokeswoman for Mr. Ryan said the congressman felt it was his job to provide ‘the basic constituent service of lending his assistance for federal grant requests….”

Once again, I question what is going on in Obama’s mind, the minds of the Democratic Party and its leaders.

Are Democrats so arrogant and emboldened in their socialist agenda that they can comfortably voice the principles that Republicans opposing legislation are not entitled to funding from the passage of said legislation?

While Democrats may have not uttered these exact words, the message is clear nevertheless.  It is increasingly alarming that we have an administration in the White House that would entertain going there