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The Corner

Reformists vs. Democrats in Iran 

“Many students upset at the continued demonization of the United States on  the occassion of the anniversary of the seizure of the U.S. embassy in Tehran chant ‘Obama, either us or them!’  Other slogans, provided by the Open Source Center, include:

‘Ahmadinejad is a murderer and negotiations with him are null and void.’

‘O Obama! Remember, Ahmadinejad is a murderer.’

‘O Obama! O Obama! Are you with Mahmud or with us?’

Meanwhile, prominent reformist thinkers — loyalists to the regime who, by definition simply want a kindler, gentler theocracy rather than a democracy where sovereignty resides in the people rather than the Supreme Leader — are lining up to explain what a good thing the taking of American hostages was.”

So with a president in the White House who refuses to hear the voice of the people here in the United States, why should anyone expect Obama to hear the voices of those shouting out to him from clear across the world?  The biggest sin of all is just how many people fell for this man’s lies, false and empty rhetoric of hope and change.