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“Iranian exiles in the U.S. are receiving calls from back home asking why President Obama has ‘given Khamenei the green light’ to crack down on the election protestors. To conspiracy-minded Middle Easterners, that is the obvious meaning of Obama’s equivocal response to the Iranian nation’s sudden and unexpected reach for freedom. How to explain that this interpretation is implausible? That the more likely reason for Obama’s behavior is that he is imprisoned in the ideology of loving your enemies and hating George W. Bush?Whatever the reason, Obama’s failure may destroy his presidency. His betrayal of democracy and human rights through a series of pronouncements and small actions during his first months in office had been correctable until now. But the thousand daily decisions that usually make up policy are eclipsed by big-bang moments such as we are now witnessing. Failure to use the bully pulpit to give the Iranian people as much support as possible is morally reprehensible and a strategical blunder for which he will not be forgiven….”

Less than two weeks ago, Barack Obama made a speech to the Islamic world.  He pretty much told them “I am here for you. I, Barack Hussein Obama, will be by your side.” 

Unfortunately the youth of the world being young and gullible listened and took Barack Obama’s words at face value as did many others during last year’s election.  And last week, the youth of Tehran inspired and remembering the words of Barack Obama reacted to those words.  They rose up and set about on their quest for democracy for the whole world to see.  Little did they know that they were about to experience an epiphany.

Such epiphany would expose this American president as no other before him.  Barack Obama turned his back without blinking an eye on the very people he spoke to just days before. 

The problem with teleprompters and Obama is that he immediately forgot his words as if they were never spoken about as fast as he chose to ignore those crying out for justice and democracy in the streets of Tehran. 

In so doing, Obama has exposed himself to the world.  Such exposure may cost him the respect of other nations and his presidency because now everyone knows that Barack Hussein Obama is a hypocrite.

While Obama meant for his words to move the Islamic communities globally, the world realizes that Barack Obama is nothing more than an empty vessel incapable of communication without his speechwriters and teleprompter in tow.

Food for thought.  Since Barack Hussein Obama has been in office, we have witnessed our rights being infringed upon day after day, the appointment of czars and ongoing nationalization of the auto industry and banks….and this is just the beginning. 

Obama is doing everything in his power to usurp and nullify the power of Congress and the Senate while diminishing the rights of Americans.  He has set about increasing the size, control and power of government in every aspect of American life.   

Can it be that we have an administration where democracy, freedom and human rights have been placed on the back burner and will eventually find itself later on no longer an option for the United States?

How is it that since Obama has been in office, he has not discussed “democracy” or “human rights”?

“Obama seems to believe that democracy is overrated, or at least overvalued. When asked about the subject in his pre-inaugural interview with the Washington Post, Obama said that he is more concerned with “actually delivering a better life for people on the ground and less obsessed with form, more concerned with substance.” He elaborated on this thought during his April visit to Strasbourg, France:

‘We spend so much time talking about democracy—and obviously we should be promoting democracy everywhere we can. But democracy, a well-functioning society that promotes liberty and equality and fraternity, does not just depend on going to the ballot box. It also means that you’re not going to be shaken down by police because the police aren’t getting properly paid. It also means that if you want to start a business, you don’t have to pay a bribe. I mean, there are a whole host of other factors that people need . . . to recognize in building a civil society that allows a country to be successful.’

Whether or not the President was aware of it, he was echoing a theme first propounded long ago by Soviet propagandists and later sung in many variations by all manner of Third World dictators, Left to Right. It has long since been discredited by a welter of research showing that democracies perform better in fostering economic and social well being, keeping the peace, and averting catastrophes. Never mind that it is untoward for a President of the United States to speak of democracy as a mere ‘form,’ less important than substance.”

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