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As a New Yorker, I have always felt that most Democratic presidents cared a least a little about New Yorkers.  Bill Clinton loves New York.  Hillary Clinton loves New York.

No offense to Republicans, but from Reagan to GWB, I always felt the opposite. 

Obama, a Democrat, has no love for New York State or New York City, a feeling that was clear to me pre-election 2008.

Two weeks ago, there was the bogus Air Force One photo op that sent thousands in the City running in fear of their lives.  Even though the White House has issued a half-hearted apology and excuses, I was not convinced of their sincerity.

On the downlow and in spite of the fact that New York City is Number 1 on the terrorist hit list, POTUS has pulled now the plug on 2010 funding for the “Securing the Cities,” a 3 year program that the NYPD is using to “develop a system to detect and repel radiological or nuclear terror threats.”
New York Daily News

NYPD officials have found some troubling fine print in President Obama‘s proposed budget.

The budget released Thursday proposes pulling funding in 2010 for the “Securing the Cities” program that the NYPD is using to develop a system to detect and repel radiological or nuclear terror threats.

The NYPD has already received more than $53 million in Homeland Security Department grants for the effort, including $20 million this year.

It has used the money to arm officers and vehicles with radiation detectors and to recruit other law enforcement agencies to form a protective ring around the city.

“It’s disappointing, to say the least, after so much has been invested in a program with so much promise,” said Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly.

New York City remains first on the terrorists’ target list. Protecting it against the infiltration of nuclear devices is still a project worthy of federal support,” Kelly said.

Obama’s budget does not continue the three-year pilot program.”

One can only surmise from this latest budget cut that POTUS would have preferred for the whole City to have been taken out on September 11, 2001.

Or can it be that this is payback for the people of New York holding the White House accountable for the Air Force One farce?  Whatever it is, one thing is clear, POTUS is a nasty piece of work.  Many would respond that POTUS has more important things to worry about.  However, since everyone is doing his job and has always done his job for him, I doubt it and therefore put nothing past the man.

In lieu of same, I cannot help but feel that this is only the beginning?