The 1995 law concerns persons under 18:
No person shall knowingly perform an abortion upon a minor …… unless the physician or his or her agent has given at least 48 hours notice to an adult family member of the pregnant minor.
Exceptions include:
– A medical emergency exists and there is insufficient time to provide the required notice.
– The minor declares in writing that she is a victim of sexual abuse, neglect or physical abuse by an adult family member.
Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri all require parental consent. Iowa requires notification. Wisconsin requires consent of a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle or sibling at least 25 years old. All have a judicial process so a teen can get a waiver.


On Wednesday, January 14, the Chicago-based Thomas More Society (TMS – www.thomasmoresociety.org) will argue before the Federal Seventh Circuit, along with Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s Solicitor General, to defend Illinois’ long waning Parental Notice Law for Abortions. At issue is whether the federal injunction against enforcement of the Illinois Parental Notice Law of 1995 should be continued in effect, given that the Illinois Supreme Court issued rules for confidential hearings and appeals by minors, who are in a trial judge’s view, mature and informed enough to make their own decision whether to end a pregnancy or whose family circumstances (e.g. incest) make it perilous that such parental notice be given. It was for lack of such rules — which the Illinois Supreme Court, with different membership, had refused to issue back in the 1990s — that the federal court had originally barred enforcement of the parental notice law.

Tom Brejcha, president and chief counsel of Thomas More Society, said, “We are anxious to press this appeal because we believe that the enforcement of this law, enacted well over a decade ago, is very overdue and should be delayed no longer. Polls show that up to 80 percent of Illinois citizens support parental notice for abortion, which is serious invasive surgery, and indeed parental consent is required by law before school nurses may even administer aspirin to minor students. Illinois is the only Midwestern state where parental notice is not required and child predators routinely bring minors from other states here for abortions without their parents’ knowledge, let alone consent. It’s high time this anomalous, flagrant injustice was brought to an end.”


An abortion is an invasive medical procedure. It is better to have an adult family member involved. In addition, if something happens to said minor during such a procedure, it is up to the parent and/or guardian to make decisions in the interest of the minor.