All is quiet on the Western Front today, even though world governments taking virtual control of world economies is now complete.

It went down without a peep, with only The Washington Times asking “What if they held a protest and hardly anybody came?”

“The far-left ANSWER coalition—a group that has drawn thousands of anti-war protesters to Washington in the past—mustered about 10 demonstrators Saturday outside the National Building Museum, site of the G-20 economic summit.

“Other G-20 protests drew larger crowds, but ironically, the largest protests Saturday weren’t about ending global capitalism at all.” (The Washington Times, Nov. 16, 2008).

It would seem that the Global Economy is now in the hands of Big Government, including Canada, whose Prime Minister Stephen Harper says Ottawa is ready to boost spending.

A single sign carried by an activist, “Capitalism: Let it Die” said it all.

That there was little if any coverage by Internet giants like the Drudge Report so far today doesn’t make One World Government any less a fait accompli.

The spirit of G20 brings together industrialized nations such as Canada and the United States with the newly developed economies like China and India.

With no fanfare they reached an agreement Saturday to work together in hopes of combating the gathering global recession.

There were no explanations for the chattering classes about how global recession and the death of capitalism coincided overnight—in the case of the USA just weeks before the presidential election.  No explanations of how it came to be that the world population fell as one under the utter control of Big Brother Government.

Make that the control of Big Brother Government as dictated by a One World Government, administered by the United Nations.

“Economic momentum is slowing substantially in major economies and the global outlook has weakened,” was the parting shot from the G-20 leaders who made a joint statement in the close of the two-day conference hosted by U.S. President George W. Bush.

For so-called conspiracy theorists who always suspected collusion between the Republicans and Democrats, in wrapping up and declaring the summit a success, Bush cheerfully handed over the reins to the incoming administration of Barack Obama—right at the gathering.

Obama was back in Chicago but had dispatched to Bush’s last hosted summit, two observers in former secretary of state Madeleine Albright and former Republican House banking chairman Jim Leach.  Besides being there to observe, Albright and Leach were on hand to meet with foreign leaders.

Even as the G-20 was meeting, Obama, who will host the next meeting early in his presidency, addressed the nation by radio, stressing the need for the U.S. to act globally (italics CFP’s) and to get its house in order.

But in historic reality, the blueprint for what happened in Washington this weekend was laid without interruption a long time ago.

…”A new World Information Order” was prerequisite to a new world economic order.” (The Rise of Global Governance, Henry Lamb, Sovereignty International Inc.).
“The philosophy of omnipotent government permeates virtually all of the documents that have flowed from the U.N. since its inception.

“On May Day, 1974, a proposal was submitted to the U.N. General Assembly calling for a New International Economic Order (NIEO); it was adopted as a Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States on Dec. 12, 1974.  It called for the redistribution of wealth and political power, and the promotion of international justice based on the `duties’ of developed countries and the `rights’ of developing countries.”

For anyone who was paying attention, there was always a message about who he is in Obama’s omnipresent Rising Sun Election ‘08 logo.  The logo for the UN’s own publishing company, Lucis Trust, formerly Lucifer’s Trust, founded by Theophist Alice Bailey, also features the Rising Sun.

“The Society’s 6,000 members include Robert McNamara, Donald Regan, Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Paul Volcker, George Schultz and the names that also appear on the membership roster of the Council on Foreign Relations.” (The Rise of Global Governance).

(You can learn how the free world fell under the control of the United Nations on the two-DVD set “The Rise of Global Governance”.  Five 20-minute segments are formatted as conference PowerPoint presentations.  It was written and is narrated by Henry Lamb and provides a comprehensive overview of the people, organizations and events that are creating global governance.  The DVD set is available at sovereignty.net.).

Meanwhile, despite the cult of Rock Star status now being celebrated worldwide, Barack Hussein Obama is not a candidate, who catapulted out of nowhere running with questionable documents still under seal.  When the hype is stripped away, Obama’s nothing but the latest cog in a big wheel. 

The U.S. did not go under the control of Barack Hussein Obama on November 4, 2008.  It went under the control of the United Nations.