At least 25% of the Democratic Party is African American. The Democratic Party has convinced the African American community that it is indeed the Republican Party who are the racist. It is time the Republican Party step up to the plate and set history straight.

However, in the meantime, it should be noted that in the 1860’s during the Dredd Scott trial, the Democratic Party was split into two parts creating the Republican Party who supported Dredd Scott being a free man.

“Announced by the Supreme Court in March 1857, a few days after James Buchanan’s inauguration, the Dred Scott Decision marked an attempt by southern and Democratic justices on the Court to provide a proslavery, prosouthern resolution to disputes over slavery expansion.

Led by Chief Justice Roger B. Taney, the Court’s majority, all of whom were Democrats and five of whom were Southerners, ruled as follows: 1) that Scott was still a slave and thus had no standing to sue in federal courts; 2) that even if he were free, Scott would still lack standing since free blacks were not citizens, indeed that blacks, in Taney’s infamous phrase, “had no rights which the white man was bound to respect”; and 3) that the Missouri Compromise prohibition of slavery on which Scott rested his case was itself unconstitutional since it deprived slaveholders of their property without due process in violation of the Fifth Amendment.

In short, the southern and Democratic majority of the Court ruled that the central platform plank of the Republican party — the demand for congressional prohibition of slavery from all federal territories — was unconstitutional. “

THE DRED SCOTT DECISION By Michael F. Holt, PhD., Abraham Lincoln Digitization Project, http://dig.lib.niu.edu/message/ps-dredscott.html.

The Democratic Party fought to keep slavery. The Democratic Party did not want black people to vote. The Democratic Party did not believe in civil rights.

Now 40 years down the line, somehow, some way, the Democratic Party has convinced African Americans that the Republican Party is the enemy.

Right the wrongs. Set the record straight. Pick up a book. Google it. Right the wrongs.

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