Barack Obama’s voting record demonstrates his support for abortion on demand throughout all 9 months of pregnancy, for any reason.

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“It was a nurse in Illinois who first blew the whistle (at the risk of her own career) on this abominable practice. She witnessed firsthand that babies who were aborted, yet born alive despite the abortionists’ intentions, were simply being left to die in soiled utility rooms without proper medical care. She testified at both the state and federal level as to this practice. Keep in mind: these are babies that were born ALIVE. They were not dead fetuses. They were living, breathing, kicking infants.

In response, the U.S. Senate unanimously passed the Born Alive Infant Protection Act. It requires that children born alive after an attempted abortion be provided medical care (and not simply neglected and left to die). The President signed the bill into law in 2002. Note that this bill passed unanimously in the Senate–meaning “liberals” such as Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy voted in FAVOR of this bill. All recognized that the practice of refusing medical care to infants constituted a heinous practice that must be stopped. Even NARAL (again, a militant pro-choice group) took a position of neutrality on the bill.

Concurrently, Illinois considered similar bills. I’ll cut to the chase–there were multiple versions, and 4 times (either on the floor or in committee) Obama voted AGAINST the bill. The last bill was IDENTICAL to the federal bill which had already been signed by the President. Don’t miss the meaning here–Obama took a stance more pro-abortion than even Hilary Clinton or NARAL. He didn’t want women to have to “second guess” their decision to abort, by having a live baby on their hands. So he voted to allow the refusal of medical care to infants.

It has been stated that Obama believed there was another law on the books that was already in place to “protect” children from these situations. But the fact of the matter is that–even if that were true–the law was not working. There were loopholes. It only applied to “viable” infants (meaning children who could survive outside of the womb), and it left it up to the abortionist to decide whether the child was viable! Thus, there was no standard of accountability for the abortionist. The state took his word for it. He was left to kill any child born alive after abortion that he desired.

And this practice WAS happening, as Congressional testimony confirms. So quite obviously the law Obama cites was not working, and he knew it. Word has it that he sat in committee emotionless as testimony was given regarding the killing of infants born alive.

So what do you call leaving a child to die? That would be infanticide. And Obama refused to vote in favor of preventing it.

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